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A prefabricated studio room which is easily installed at your festival, function or event or anywhere space allows. It is stylish, high-tech but blends in to its environment, giving the feeling of attachment to the outside world while being intimate and functional within itself. The applications are endless: a chill-out zone, a coffee lounge, top-class exhibition space, a pop-up store or a themed pod for your function. It can be easily transformed according to its uses.

The Insta-Cubes can be positioned in any direction to suite the clients needs. These cubes are engineered for transportation, craning and forklifting without movement within the structure and the structure will maintain its shape under any condition.

Should you need an instant structural solution to your event, function or festival, our high quality and functional Insta-Cubes provides the answer.

Pricing includes: Base model, Trestford carpet, climate control, LED lighting upgrade, Bespoke desk and Cabinets, Extra windows, PIR Insulation upgrade, Alucobond cladding.

Alucobond, made in Germany, is one of the most durable architectural cladding materials on the market and comes with a 10 year manufacturers warranty. These PIR panels are the structural elements of the Insta-Cubes that transport well, without damage and it’s these ‘sandwich’ panels that have been used for the walls, floor and roof. They are durable and low maintenance, so no painting, sanding or staining is needed and minimal elbow-grease expended when it comes to cleaning. Although compact, cross ventilation and air flow are achievable because of the adaptable window and door placement and the inbuilt ducted climate control system makes for a fresh, comfortable atmosphere. The dazzling array of colour options make it a product that can be personalized, even for the most particular client.The Insta-Cubes is built with multiple layers of insulation to offer complete thermal comfort and noise control. There is an abundance of natural light thanks to the nature of the cladding material, but if you need more light, we can incorporate an LED strip lighting system. All materials used are primed against UV damage, are wind resistant, waterproof and life-proof.

No mess, no fuss installation of portable event spaces.

Prefabricated in our factory, Instacubes are delivered and installed in less than a day with minimal disruption 

Design, fit out, delivery and installation, we handle everything

These are frequently asked questions and answers that our customers have found useful.

  • How long and how many people does one take to set up?

As instacubes come fully prefabricated, it only requires one of two options: Forklift off the truck lifts pod straight into position. Alternatively, use of a crane truck and pod is lifted using soft-straps and spreader bar (standard equipment on hand with crane truck companies) and craned into position.

  • Is it easy to transport?

Transport is done by flat-bed truck. See above for detail

  • How large are they when broken down and how much does it weigh?

Pods can not be broken down. They are fully prefabricated and delivered complete. Weights vary according to final finishes but as a guide weights are as follows:

Mono (2.2 x 2.2) - 1200kg

Duo (2.4 x 3.32) - 1500kg

Maxi (3.15 x 3.32) - 2000kg

Super Maxi (3.15 x 5.29) 3000kg

  • What are all the add-ons/extras you offer?

Standard features:

* External AlucobondTM cladding

* EPS insulation through all floor, roof and walls

* Electric outlets

* LED surface mounted lighting fixtures

* Bare internal walls clean smooth aluminium finish

  • Extras:

* Internal cladding choice of Alucobond, Hoop pine or Birch wood

* Climate control system (Daikin Zena) with wifi control

* 4 Windows

* Double Glazing/ Low E Glass upgrade

* Custom cabinets

* Sonos sound system integration with wifi control

* LED strip lighting in low profile architectural extrusions

* Tretford carpet upgrade.

* Insulation upgrade from EPS to PIR. This double the thermal protection of the unit as well as increasing the acoustic insulation of the unit

  • Do you need completely level ground to set it up on?

No. Site preparation is very simply and with the aid of a laser level site preparation can be complete within 15 minutes with use of either concrete blocks, wooden sleepers and screw jacks supplied by us.

  • Is there bulk pricing if I want to get more than one of the same exact cube?

Yes. Once we know the specifics and numbers, we will be able to calculate a bulk purchase discount.

  • How long does it take to install a Instacube?
Depending on the site, our prefabricated pods can be installed in as little as two hours.
  • How much space do I need? 
Very little. Two and a half metres by two metres is enough. But even if you have a smaller space, contact us to discuss the options for your home studio space.
  • Can you put it in a sloping backyard?
Yes. Instacubes can be installed on most sites.
  • How do you get it into the backyard – do you need access? 
In most cases, your Instacube is lifted into position by crane. There are very few locations that can not be accessed by crane. Feel free to contact us to go over the particulars of your site.
  • Do I need any permits to have a Instacube?
We handle all necessary administration for you. Instacube Designer Pods are designed to comply with all national and state regulations. Planning approval is often not required for a Instacube.
  • Really? No planning approval is needed?
That’s right. In most cases, you don’t need planning approval to install a Instacube on your property.
  • Do you take care of the entire installation process?
Yes. You don’t have to worry about a single thing. You choose the colours and leave the rest with us, and we’ll hand you the keys when we’re done. If you have any questions in the meantime though, feel free to contact us. DESIGN
  • Are there different models?
Yes. We currently have four models in the range.
  • Is it energy efficient?
Yes. Every Instacube is designed to exceed the rating of most domestic and commercial developments. The official energy rating for your Instacube will depend on the particulars of the site and any optional extras you choose.
  • Can I customise my Instacube?
Yes.  Contact us for the full options page list.
  • Can I choose my own colour?
Yes. Visit the colours page for more details.
  • Will the colour fade?
Our European cladding materials is guaranteed to keep its uniform look and dazzle for years to come.
  • Is it weatherproof?
Yes. Instacubes are constructed with a double-layer protective system (including high-spec European materials). No water is coming into your Instacube uninvited.
  • Is there heating?
Yes. Heating is available as an optional extra. However, thanks to its clever design your Instacube is very well insulated so you can work from home all year round. If you required extra heating options are available
  • Will it be cool in summer?
Yes. Your Instacube will remain very cool relative to the outside temperature in summer. Your Instacube is constructed with dual barriers against the harsh Australian sun. The first layer of protection is the external skin, which acts as a barrier against solar radiation. Then there’s the second layer of fully insulated structural panels.
  • Is there air conditioning?
Air conditioning is an optional extra, but as you’ll see in the above answer, your Instacube is very well insulated. Visit the options page for more details on air-con.
  • Are Instacubes soundproof? 
The soundproof properties are very good. If you would like a soundproofing upgrade, for a home studio perhaps, please contact us.
  • Does a Instacube meet Australian Building Regulations?
Yes. Instacubes are designed by professional architects, engineers and installed by professional builders. All of our designs exceed codes, regulations and energy rating requirements.
  • Will my Instacube be long-lasting?
Your Instacube is built to the exacting standards of any architectural commercial installation. We build it to last.
  • Is a Instacube at risk from hail damage?
No. Your Instacube is made from European Aluminium Composite materials (ACM) relied upon for the construction of major commercial buildings and installations. The look and feel is that of a luxury European car with the mechanical strength and protection afforded to situations that require the highest levels of protection.
  • Do you offer custom designs?
We do not offer them as standard, but contact us to discuss something you have in mind.
  • What about lighting and electrics?
All lighting and electrics are included in the price. Visit the options page to plan your ultimate home office.
  • What type of maintenance is necessary?
Instacubes are made from durable European architectural materials and are completely maintenance free. They do not require painting, varnishing or any insect treatments even when installed outside in your backyard. However, we suggest that you give your Instacube an annual sponge down to remove the soiling that will naturally occur in any environment. This will help keep your Instacube looking like new.

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