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QZEBO - Modern PVC Gazebos

QZEBO is the new revolutionary modern gazebo. With an innovative design that does away with the traditional pitched roof, replaced by a slight hint of a rise. Making the whole structure more linear and elegant without affecting the practicality and speed of set up.

The QZEBO can be installed quickly, at almost any location and come with optional extras, such as, fabric zip roller walls, glass sliding doors/walls, heating or cooling options and flooring.

The standard range of QZEBO gazebos are available in width spans from 3m through to 5m. We also offer the opportunity to customise to suit a variety of spans, lengths and heights.

The modular design enables QZEBO cubes to be linked easily to further expand your usable outdoor space without having destructive works carried out.

QZEBO allows users to create solutions for cost effective and attractive venues. They are perfect for outdoor dining at bars and restaurants, providing cover for walkways, highlighting your products at trade shows, or to stylishly decorate a private garden or terrace.

    What choices do I have for the frame color?

    Frame colors include White, Grey, Dove Grey, and Dark Brown as standard options. Additionally, there is an array of custom colors available for an extra cost.

    What are the available color options for the fabric roof?

    You can select from standard roof cover colors such as White, Grey, Dove Grey, and Champagne. Moreover, there is a range of additional colors available for an extra fee.

    What materials are used for the fabric roof?

    The fabric roof is crafted from high-quality materials, with options including Ferrari 502 (570 gsm) and 602 (650gsm) to suit your specific requirements.

    Are there various setup options available?
    Yes, freestanding or wall-mounted configurations on of many options.

    Do these products have fire safety certifications?
    Yes, all Qzebos are rated:
    • UNI EN 13782:2015
    • USA NFPA 701
    • Australia AS 1530

    What size options are offered for these products?  Available sizes include 3m x 3m, 4m x 4m, 5m x 5m, 3m x 4m, 3m x 5m, and 4m x 5m.

    Is it possible to connect multiple units together, and if so, are there flexible configuration options available for joining them?
    Yes, Qzebo can be joined in any configuration with an array of joining components available.
    What solutions are provided for managing water runoff, especially for joined configurations?  There Is an internal gutter and down pipe system for joined structures and external gutter for single units

    What choices are available for wall options with this product? You can select from walls with strap attachments and roller blind walls with zippers, opt for fabric walls in plain, windowed, mesh, or clear PVC variants, choose sheer curtains with a central opening, or even opt for glass walls.

    Is there lighting available for these products?  Yes, you have the option of adding lighting, including perimeter LED lights and LED spotlights.

    Is integrated flooring an option?  Yes, you can opt for the Modular Horizon flooring solution.

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