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05 March, 2019

Stretch Tent Installation on Sand

Corona SunSets Festival – A Stretch Tent Installation on Sand Guide

Beach festivals are the go-to summer option when it comes to outdoor entertainment. Corona recently pulled off a very successful SunSets Festival at Wollongong North Beach in December 2018

Corona SunSets Festival - stretch tent installation on sand

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10 September, 2018

Stretch Tent Quick Turnarounds

How we work to Tight Deadlines

We know life moves at a high pace. Things don't always work to your desired deadline. But even when you're in a tight spot, we're able to help you out with quick turnarounds.

Stretch Tent Quick Turnarounds

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28 August, 2018

Lycra stretch structures – Versatile space fillers

Discover the possibilities of Lycra Stretch Structures

Lycra sails

Lycra is a versatile fabric which can be manufactured to stretch into any desired shape, to perform any duty. Our lycra structures are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, let along colour choices that would satisfy even the most choosy. The better news is that they can be created according to your custom needs – shape, colour or size!

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19 June, 2018

Let's talk safety at events

Safety at Events


When people attend events, they don’t think about things like safety – they expect that the organisers already have. So it’s an important part of your responsibility in hosting an event. We’ve put together this starting guide to the basics of safety at events.

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07 December, 2017

Line-X Inflatable Axion – A Winning Display

Line-X Puts Best Foot Forward using an Axion Exhibit

Line-X Australia wanted an outdoor exhibit that would put them a step above their competitors. After discussing their options with Stretch Structures they chose the AXION Square with branding, visors and side walls. The structure turned heads at their latest show, the Perth 4WD and Adventure Show, and made a positive impact in bold black, which made their yellow Line-X logo pop.

Line-X Axion A Promotional Display

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24 October, 2017

Christmas Event Structures and Decor

With Christmas just around the corner here at SMFS we have a great deal of experience in creating innovative and eye catching Christmas products 

Snow globe inflatable

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13 October, 2017

Stretch Tent Print Process 101

Stretch Structures choose to use the Dye Sublimation printing process when branding any of our stretch fabric products. This printing process guarantees we achieve a high quality print and depth of colour.

Vodafone Branded Stretch Tent
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19 September, 2017

Our 4 top tips to brainstorming creative ideas for your events

Lycra geodesic exhibition dome

Here at Stretch Structures, we always say that your imagination is your only limitation. We love providing our customers with exciting products that are a result of their creativity and vision. It’s always fun to deliver a product that simply started as a seed of an idea!

So let’s have some fun with different ways to brainstorm creative ideas for your next event!

  1. Mind mapping                                                                            

This brainstorming technique has been around for ages and is known as a great way to allow your brain to let lose.

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14 August, 2017

AXION Attractions

Modern, lightweight, fast & easily deployable, let’s look at the AXION Sealed Inflatable range. Use it as an eye-catcher at fairs and events, or for outdoor promotional activities.

AXION Sealed Inflatables

Our sealed inflatable marquees do not have a built-in fan/blower that continuously blows air into the corner pillars. These pneumatic <Read More>

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05 July, 2017

Environmentally friendly wood and stretch fabric stages

FESTIVAL CLIENT – Tommy Lyle, Wood of a Kind

Wood of a Kind Stage and BedouinFlex fabric

Wood Stage and BedouinFlex fabric (Tommy Lyle, Wood of a Kind)

We first chatted to Tommy Lyle of Wood of a Kind from Boulder Colorado back in January, 2016. We instantly resonated with his philosophy and approach to his craft. He is a rustic wood worker and festival stages are just one of the ways he expresses himself.

For his first project working with us, he chose Bedouinflex Premium fabric for the canopy of the stage in order to insulate and waterproof the wooden structure. He was pleased with how easy it was to work with the fabric. The concept: the stage needed to be permanent, but the waterproof canopy would be assembled and disassembled according to the up-coming event.

Wood of a Kind Stage and BedouinFlex fabric - men at work

Wood Stage and BedouinFlex fabric – Men at Work (Tommy Lyle, Wood of a Kind)

This was a particularly large structure (90” x 50”; 27m x 15m) but the fabric is so lightweight that he was able to wash it himself and only needed the assistance of one other colleague to put it up.


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