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Horizon - Floating flooring for outdoors

Materials and Components

  • Aluminum profiles to support wooden planks.
  • Adjustable galvanized iron feet.
  • Base consists of 27 mm thick laminated spruce planks, coated with a durable melamine resin.
  • Standard colors for aluminium perimeter profiles: RAL 9010, Silver Anodized, White Matte, Dove-Grey Matte, Dark-Brown Matte, Special Grey.

Flooring Options

The flooring comes in two versions:

  1. Standalone: Suitable for various situations as independent flooring.
  2. Adapted: Designed to accommodate the Kube, Onda, Vela, Eclettica and Qzebo structures.


The flooring is equipped with adjustable feet that can be levelled using a wrench or screwdriver, making it suitable for uneven ground and surfaces. The adjustable feet can travel up to 30 mm in the middle of the floor and 50 mm along the perimeter.


For added stability, the flooring can be ballasted using 400 x 400 x 40 mm concrete blocks, each weighing approximately 15 kg. These blocks are discreetly placed between the support profiles of the wooden boards, remaining hidden from view.


The flooring is designed for flexibility and can be extended and adapted even after the initial purchase. This is possible due to the insertable components, allowing for extension on both sides.

Stretch tent storage and careHORIZON - Wooden Flooring Brochure

What is the thickness of the base for the aluminium perimeter profile?

The base is made of laminated spruce planks and has a thickness of 27 mm. It is coated with a high-strength melamine resin.

Are there any special coatings provided for the aluminium perimeter profile?

No, the company does not provide special coatings in paint, carpet, linoleum, or other wear-resistant walkable materials for the aluminium perimeter profile.

What types of finishes are available for the aluminium profiles that support the wooden planks?

The aluminium profiles come in two finish options: Smooth finish and Matt-rough finish.

Are there any additional color options for the aluminium profiles?

Yes, further RAL colors with smooth glossy finish or smooth matt finish are available. You can refer to the price list for more information on these options.

Can you provide some examples of the available colors for the aluminium profiles?

Some available colors include Special Grey, Dove-Grey, Silver, Anodized White, White (RAL 9010), and Dark-Brown. These are just a few of the options, and more may be available based on the RAL color chart.

What is the flooring equipped with?

The flooring is equipped with adjustable feet, which can be levelled on uneven terrain and surfaces using a key or a screwdriver.

What is the maximum adjustment range of the adjustable feet?

The adjustable feet have a maximum adjustment range of 30 mm in the central part of the floor and 50 mm along its perimeter.

How can I level the flooring on uneven surfaces?

You can use a key or a screwdriver to adjust the feet, ensuring that the flooring is level even on uneven terrain.

What is the ballasting system for this flooring?

The flooring can be weighted with washed gravel plates measuring 400 x 400 x 40 mm, each weighing approximately 16 kg. These plates are inserted between the support profiles of the wooden boards and remain completely hidden from view.

How does the ballasting system work?

You can insert the gravel plates between the support profiles of the wooden boards to add weight and stability to the flooring.

Can the flooring be expanded or adapted after the initial purchase?

Yes, the flooring can be extended and adapted after the initial purchase by adding components that allow for expansion. This flexibility makes it versatile for various needs and configurations.

What components are available for expanding the flooring?

Specific expansion components may vary, but you can inquire about additional components designed to extend and adapt the flooring to your specific requirements.

Is the ballasting system easy to install?

Yes, the ballasting system is designed for ease of installation. You can insert the gravel plates between the support profiles with relative ease to provide stability to the flooring.

Is the flooring suitable for outdoor use?

The adjustability of the feet and the ballasting system make the flooring suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, allowing you to set it up on various types of terrain.

Can you provide more information about the maintenance of this flooring?

Maintenance requirements may vary, but typically, this flooring is relatively low-maintenance. Regularly check and adjust the adjustable feet as needed for a level surface. Keep the gravel plates clean and free of debris for optimal performance

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