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 Kube is the marvelous fusion of contemporary design and the archetype of a woven vegetal canopy, creating the most natural shading system. The structure of the Kube shading pergola resembles a pergola crossed with woven PVC membrane canopies. The alternating movements of these canopies break the monotony of surfaces, allowing glimpses of the sky. Kube stands out for its variety of shapes and sizes, with different heights and modular volumes. This characteristic offers opportunities for urban and residential redevelopment, connecting parts of the built environment or botanical context to the pergola, which becomes the unifying spatial element. Kube creates meaningful relationships with any context, opening up panoramic views of space and generating a multitude of ways to perceive harmonious beauty.

  • Aluminium profiles and cataphoresis and polyester powder coated steel components.
  • Shading canopy with interlaced PVC fabric roof
  • The structure of the shade canopy can be extended sideways by installing additional modules.
  • Perimeter walls with drop-down curtains ZIP technology or sliding glass panels to match the structure
  • FEET standard / hidden / for sandy ground

What is Kube and what are its key features?

Kube is a revolutionary shading pergola that combines contemporary design with the traditional concept of woven vegetal canopies. It features a unique structure that combines elements of a pergola and woven PVC membrane canopies, offering a natural and aesthetic shading system.

What makes Kube stand out?

Kube stands out due to its diverse shapes, sizes, and modular volumes. This flexibility allows it to seamlessly integrate into urban and residential environments, connecting different parts of the built environment or botanical surroundings. It creates meaningful relationships with its surroundings, offering panoramic views and enhancing the perception of harmonious beauty.

What materials are Kube made of?

Kube's supporting structure is made of aluminum profiles with cataphoresis and polyester powder coated steel components. The roof cover is constructed using interlaced PVC fabric.

Can additional modules be added to Kube?Yes, the structure of the shade canopy can be extended sideways by installing additional modules, providing further customization options.

Can Kube be branded with advertising?

Yes, the windowless side walls of Kube can be branded with advertising. Please note that branding cannot be applied on Soltis 96 fabric.

What colors are available for Kube's frame?

Kube's frame is available in standard colors such as white (matt), dove grey (matt), and dark brown (matt). Custom colors from the RAL range with a smooth finish are also available upon request.

What types of PVC fabrics are used for the roof cover?

.Kube's roof cover is made using Precontraint PVC fabrics by Ferrari, a renowned manufacturer of structural fabrics for tensile structures. Various options like Ferrari Soltis 96 Mesh, Ferrari Soltis 96 waterproof lining, Ferrari Precontraint 402, and Ferrari Precontraint 602 blackout matt are available.

Is Kube suitable for both residential and commercial use?

Kube can be used in both residential and commercial settings, making it versatile for various applications, such as creating comfortable outdoor spaces in homes or enhancing the ambiance of commercial establishments.

Is Kube designed to withstand outdoor weather condition?

Kube is designed to withstand outdoor weather conditions, but the durability may vary depending on factors like the climate and the specific accessories chosen. It's advisable to discuss your requirements with the manufacturer to ensure the product suits your environment.

What are the dimensions of the standard module for Kube?

The maximum dimensions of the self-supporting standard module are 500 x 600 cm, with a maximum total height of 252 cm. Kube is available in square or rectangular shapes

 What type of fabric is used for the roofing sheet?

Eclettica uses mainly Precontraint PVC fabric by Ferrari, a renowned manufacturer of structural fabric used in tensile structures.

Can I have flooring?

Yes we can provide integrated Horizon flooring for every size.

What additional options and accessories are available for Kube?

Kube offers various options and accessories, including ground anchoring, PVC wall straps, walls with central openings, sheer curtains, VOK roller blinds, and an Easy Floor system for added convenience and customisation.

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