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Our 4 top tips to brainstorming creative ideas for your events

Lycra geodesic exhibition dome

Here at Stretch Structures, we always say that your imagination is your only limitation. We love providing our customers with exciting products that are a result of their creativity and vision. It’s always fun to deliver a product that simply started as a seed of an idea!

So let’s have some fun with different ways to brainstorm creative ideas for your next event!

  1. Mind mapping                                                                            

This brainstorming technique has been around for ages and is known as a great way to allow your brain to let lose. Science has proven that the combination of text and pictures is more effective than words alone, plus it provides an easy way to see associations and connections between ideas. Mind mapping begins with a central idea in the middle of the page and then allows your brain to expand ideas from there. read more <here>